GourmetCitrusJuicerYellow_013When you consider that 4th of July is perhaps the most popular outdoor holiday in the US, our choice of refreshing beverage tends to be one-toned. Quite often the drinks that are served are pretty much bottles of beer (yaaaawn!) and even though we may put plenty of effort on what’s on the grill, we fail to put any thought on the liquid portion of our Independence Day menu.

My mantra during the 4th is to always bring out what’s in season. After all, we are in the middle of Summer and at the peak of what warm mother nature can offer us in the US without having to import it from the southern hemisphere. And when it comes time to make refreshing drinks during the sunny days of July, I instantly dream of the wonderfully mouth-watering world of citrus!

The bright colors of oranges, lemons and limes take me to sweet paradise. Knowing how to properly mix these juices into fruity cocktails will make you the most popular host  on the 4th of July.

But first we must learn that simply purchasing a carton of OJ ‘aint gonna cut it. Yes, they may advertise that it’s “pure orange juice”, but face it, squeezing the juice straight from the source makes a world of a difference. That’s why “fresh squeezed” is a marketing ploy and should only be considered when it’s literally freshly squeezed right before you consume it.

My drink of choice is my orange-citrus martini that is made from seriously fresh squeezed oranges and lemons. I use IMUSA’s citrus press to get the most juice out of every orange and mix it properly with (again, freshly squeezed) lemon juice, orange liquor and gin. It’s a cocktail that forces you to sit back and take in mother nature as it was intended.martini

For the kids, I omit the alcohol and add some colored sugar to the rim of tumbler glass to sweeten things up a bit. And for the adults, my martini glasses come out to celebrate. A celebration of Independence as well as the natural sweetness that nature offers us every 4th of July!

By: George Duran

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