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Pressure Cooker – BBQ Ribs Recipe IMUSA

August – the countdown begins…. Summer is almost over!!!

Summer 2010 has proven to be one of the hottest I can remember, but memorable and full of great times.  What will I miss most about summer? The outdoor activities of course.  The grilling can always happen all year round so long as you can stand the chill when doing so.  The seasons also bring different dishes to your table, like my carne guisada (beef stews) and soups, which I will usually prepare during the chilly months.  But I discovered that with my IMUSA  pressure cooker, I really don’t have to wait!

As the temperature peeked in the high 90s; even with air conditioning who wants to stand over a hot stove or oven?  Unlike it’s the older version of the pressure cooker, you don’t hear, see or feel the steam! So while you’re sitting in the living room with a cold beer or iced tea;  season and then place your meats in, cover tightly and forget about it! My pulled pork sandwiches were a hit; I placed my ribs and spices in and let it do its thing. Once off, I let the ribs sit and cool down, so when I opened my cooker only the aroma was released not the heat. They fell right off the bone and into my waiting toasted Italian roll.  No mess, no fuss and no breaking a sweat.  Que maravilla….

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Rice Cooker | Rice Maker | Cooking Tips by Chef Elsie Ramos

The IMUSA Rice Cooker has a non-stick surface. So, I recommend using only wood or plastic utensils. This will prevent scrapes and scratches to the non-stick cooking surface. A measuring cup is packaged along with the IMUSA Rice Cooker and it is quite handy. If, by any chance, you misplace the cup, you can use a little cup and fill it up to 2/3 of a cup. When cooking rice, make sure to keep the lid on as the cooking process depends on the development of steam inside the pot. Letting steam escape may alter this process. After cooking rice, you can use your IMUSA Rice Cooker to steam fresh broccoli. While still on warm, place your broccoli on top of the rice, cover and let steam. Make sure to not cook raw ingredients such as eggs or fish in your IMUSA Rice Cooker. If the dish you are creating requires any of these items, cook them separately and then insert the cooked items into your rice.