By: Chef Michelle Bernstein

I fell in love with a foundation called Common Threads about 5 years ago.

IMUSA-12_12_13 38637There was an event I was invited to partake in by a well-known chef, Art Smith. I accepted to cook at the event because there were so many chefs I know and love and the event was in Chicago, my favorite food city.

Little did I know the event’s mission was to fund the aforementioned foundation. They showed a film during the event that displayed the foundations mission, to teach undeserved kids to cook, socialization skills and about nutrition; The kids that went through the classes were speaking about CT, talking about what they loved to cook during the program as well as how much they have learned and how they now love cooking at home with their families.

That’s when I decided we needed Common Threads in Miami, for our kids and our families; I wanted to bring it home. And so I began, dinner after brunch, meeting after phone call. Asking, informing, begging for cash to begin our program. A year later we started with one class and 14 students; 5 years later 40 some classes and a summer program to boot. We are growing every  year, now part of the Dade-County School System and proud to be affecting so many incredible kids every year.

We recently had our World Festival in D.C., of which people from everywhere attended. I was brought in to speak about my vision and my passion about Common Threads (which is hard for me to do with dry eyes.) We ate, we danced and we had a celebration; Common Threads is now an incredibly successful entity that needs a lot of work and attention but it is making its way around this country and thankfully into the homes of so many deserving families.

For more information check out this video!