George Duran and his IMUSA Pressure Cooker

Developing recipes for the wide array of IMUSA kitchenware products these last couple of weeks has been a blast. Each new box that arrived at my door contained top-of-the-line cookware that inspired me to new creative heights in the kitchen. I was on a roll—and the culinary world was my Latin-influenced oyster!

Then, they sent me a pressure cooker.

A sickening silence filled the room. There, staring back at me in gleaming stainless steel, was a device I had sworn I would never use. Haunted by childhood memories of the hiss my mother’s pressure cooker (she swore by it) made each time I walked past, I lived in fear that it would one day explode, taking me and my family with it. This wasn’t the kind of “blast” I was interested in!

Old nightmares die hard, but deep down, I knew this was a sign. IMUSA had sought me out for a reason. To face down my fears, and create simple, satisfying recipes for the pressure cooking chef in your family! So I bit the bullet—unpacked the box, pulled out that cooker and started experimenting.

It wasn’t long before I realized that the scary pressure cookers of my childhood were a thing of the past. IMUSA’s pressure cooker comes with several safety features—including heat regulation controls and multiple valves for pressure release. It’s safe, easy to use—and boy does it cook things fast! I developed a recipe for a stew featuring lentils and chorizo sausage (a favorite combination from my South American youth), and literally all I did was pop the ingredients in the cooker, close it, bring it up to pressure (which the convenient red pop-up tab on the IMUSA unit indicates) and wait…

For eight minutes! That’s how long it took this amazing item to cook up one surprisingly flavorful and heavenly scented Latin dish. Now, I’m a proud member of Pressure Cooker Nation. So join me and make fresh, flavorful foods in nothing flat! Isn’t that worth a little bit of hiss?