The holidays are just around the corner and you know what that means…food, food, and more food. As you can imagine as a food writer I have to be ahead of the curveball and develop holiday recipes months before the actual holidays. My kitchen smelled like Thanksgiving and Christmas over the summer. I think I gained 5 pounds testing and tasting – someone’s gotta do it.

double burnerI am constantly experimenting in the kitchen and sometimes run out of burners on my stovetop. I’ve always said I need two kitchens – one for my day job and another kitchen for everyday cooking. Obviously I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon, but getting my hands on an electric burner is a close second.

First of all it’s a double burner – bonus! It’s perfect for entertaining for the holidays. I can already imagine a big pot of pozole or tamales on it for a big fiesta. This burner will definitely be put to good use.

This burner would also be great to take camping or tailgating. I live in Colorado and I love to go camping and if you have electricity at your campsite its perfect to heat up your morning coffee or to make your morning breakfast.

I also plan to use this burner for cooking demos and videos. The options are endless with this little genius appliance.