WHO:IMUSA Cookware

WHAT: A just-released study by Inteligencia Qualitative Research, a Florida-based research group, confirms that IMUSA®, Latin America’s favorite cookware, is also the cookware brand preferred by Latin cooks in the US.

IMUSA cookware is exactly what you need to cook all your Latin favorites, from arroz con pollo to tortillas and everything in between. From saucepans and stock pots to comals, griddles and grills, IMUSA offers US cooks a complete line of cookware, tools, and accessories for preparing authentic Hispanic cuisine at home.

• Cast aluminum Calderos for cooking rice and beans, braising meats and simmering
• Cast iron, cast aluminum and carbon steel Comals, a griddle used for warming and frying
• Tamaleras, very large (12-21 qt.) stock pots used for steaming tamales.
• Specialty items including Fajita Sizzlers, griddles and grills, Molinillos, Mexican chocolate whisks and tortilla, empanada and arepa accessories
• Complete lines of sauce pans, skillets and griddles made out of a variety of materials including pre-seasoned cast iron, nonstick carbon steel and aluminum.
• Kitchen tools and gadgets including can openers, spatulas, steamers, turners, and presses.

WHY:In 2008, Hispanics became the largest minority in the US. With larger-than-average families and a strong interest in from-scratch cooking (spending nearly 25% more than other groups on food consumed at home, they are creating an explosive and resounding impact on food, cooking and dining trends in the US.

Hispanic consumers as a group are motivated by a different set of variables related to a number of social, economic, and cultural factors, including the following:

• Hispanic families are substantially larger than average, so they buy substantially greater quantities of foods.
• Cultural factors also drive the relatively low propensity of Hispanics to buy prepared foods. As noted by Inteligencia Qualitative Research, “cooking from scratch is a way of life for most Hispanic homemakers. Packaged or frozen food would reflect badly on them as mothers.”
• This segment of the U.S. retail marketplace is projected to reach $8.4 billion by 2011, up 48% from 2006. Its influence is felt in what we cook, eat and drink as Americans venture beyond their salsa and chips. The population also continues to attract new consumers of Hispanic foods hailing from Mexico, Central America and Latin America, as well as the Caribbean islands.

WHERE:Available throughout the US in specialty, grocery and mass merchant retailers, IMUSA offers a full range of cookware, accessories and serving items to make authentic Hispanic cuisine at home.

To view the complete line, please visit www.imusausa.com.