Valentine’s Day, also known as the “Lover’s” holiday is one of those days that either people love it or hate it. Even though, I’m luckily in love, Valentine’s Day is not only a day for lovers; it is a day to celebrate the love of your family, children, parents and other siblings.Elsie Ramos with her IMUSA Caldero

As a single mother, I remember placing a mini-heart full of chocolates in my children’s backpacks, this way they’d know I’m thinking of them and how special they are. I fondly remember as a child, my father would honor my mother on Valentine’s Day with a small, loving gesture. My siblings and I would honor my mother by either buying her a store-bought card or making one in school. Where did those times go, when the simplest things in life meant the world to people? Nowadays, people’s expectations are so high; we go around scrambling, like we did over the holidays to buy the right gift for that special someone.

From my personal experience, I say to you, start your own tradition. Why not try to cook a fabulous meal for that special someone or your entire family? For breakfast, try boiling some sweet plantains using your IMUSA Enamel Pot or Caldero until nice and tender. After draining the water and letting cool, place the plantains in your IMUSA Molcajete. For a sweet Mangú taste serve with eggs (sunny side up) and a mimosa. For lunch, try making some delicious Roasted Peppers and Garlic muffins using your IMUSA muffin pan. For the children, I recommend regular Cranberry muffins, this way the red surrounds your table. For a more intimate dinner, use IMUSA’s mini-calderos, which are awesome to make individual Paellas or Mofongo. The best thing about these “mini-calderitos” is that they can either go straight to the dinner table after cooking, giving your table a restaurant feel, or you can keep your dish warm in the oven simply by removing the cover and lining it with aluminum foil until ready to serve.      With all these dishes, you have definitely sent “Cupid” right to their heart and stomach!