Nowadays, instead of asking if you would like some coffee, restaurant servers ask you if you’d like a cappuccino or an espresso.  And despite their ubiquity, Starbucks wasn’t the only trend to impact coffee-drinking habits in the US.
The nation’s largest minority group is making an impact on the basic cup o’ joe.

The U.S. Hispanic population, now a major socioeconomic and cultural force in the nation, is making its presence felt and influencing overall trends throughout the consumer marketplace.  A unique fact is that Latin American residents from South and Central American countries as well as from the Caribbean are virtually all espresso-lovers. Latinos drink espresso coffee at any time of the day. To most, the drinking of espresso is a valued social custom and every group has their own unique way of making coffee.

Cubans like to order “cortaditos,” a strong form of espresso, similar to the Italian espresso, but with a stronger Robusta bean used in the blend and in which sugar tends to be mixed into the pot well before it reaches the cup. Brazilians love their “cafezinho” which tends to be made from very finely ground Robusta blends and brewed like American coffee, although espresso forms are also used. For Colombians, the drink of choice is the “tinto,” a coffee much stronger than the American style, but with a coarser blend than the Cuban or the Brazilian espresso.

A nation that increasingly considers coffee a household staple means better coffee in restaurants and at home. For retailers, this means an opportunity to provide coffee lovers with the right specialty tools so they can enjoy espresso in their own homes, too.  IMUSA, the nation’s most complete and experienced brand of Hispanic cookware and accessories,  offers a variety of authentic colorful 8 and 12 piece espresso sets that include a chrome rack for easy and space-saving storage, stovetop espresso makers and electric espresso makers.  Also available are stainless steel espresso cup & saucer sets.

According to Manny Gaunaurd, president of IMUSA USA, “The Latin consumer in general tends to expect a lot from what they purchase. They want something of quality that will last and they expect to get a return on their investment. The key benefit for retailers is this customer will be loyal to a brand that has delivered for them in the past. IMUSA is recognized for understanding this tremendously varied market and translating this knowledge into profits for retailers.  Our hallmark is to work closely with retail partners to develop specific programs based on individual Hispanic communities in regions across the country.”

Cooks in the US and Latin America agree that IMUSA is the preferred cookware for authentic Hispanic home cooking.  Offering a full range of cookware, accessories and serving items to make Hispanic cuisine at home, IMUSA products are available nationwide in the US at specialty, grocery and mass merchant retailers.