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Doral, FL March 09 – Manny Gaunaurd president of IMUSA, the leading brand of authentic Hispanic housewares, announces that IMUSA is assembling a team of Latin cookbook authors, reality TV stars and other “foodies” to create recipes, cooking ideas,  tips, and additional content relevant to Latino cooks and cooks interested in experiencing the flavors and passions of virtually all Latino cuisines.

“Our chef program is the first of its kind for cooking authentic Latin cuisine with celebrity chefs representing each region/country of origin within the Latin community.  Delivering delicious meal solutions is another added value the IMUSA customer enjoys when choosing our cookware and kitchen accessories,” explains Gaunaurd.

The first to join the IMUSA team are cookbook authors Elsie Ramos and Ana Quincoces Rodriguez.  Ramos was a finalist on Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen” series and is the author of “Elsie’s Turkey Tacos and Arroz con Pollo,” a Latin-themed cookbook for time-starved parents like herself.  Rodriguez is the author of “Cuban Chicks Can Cook,” and “Sabor! A Passion for Cuban Cuisine.”

According to Gaunaurd, “Elsie and Ana reflect the IMUSA consumer.  Like IMUSA products, they are authentic.  We’re pleased to have them join our IMUSA team to develop recipes for IMUSA products that our customers will relate to and enjoy making for their families.”

Like the typical Hispanic cook, Elsie’s feet are firmly planted, one in each culture.  She takes great pride in making meals made from scratch for her family every night, typically a traditional dish from her country of origin, Puerto Rico. Like most Hispanic women, she cooks full meals at least five days a week and has a full time job outside the home.

“IMUSA is made for the food I cook,” says Ramos. “The recipes I’m developing are based on my worldview that in the Latino culture, a home-cooked meal is the best way to say “I love you!”  I live by that credo and the food I cook tastes better when it is made in IMUSA cookware.”

Ana Quincoces Rodriguez grew up in a Cuban household in sunny Miami, Florida, where she was routinely conscripted to help her mother in the kitchen, which led to her passion for the art of cooking.  Like many young Cuban girls, Ana was given a well-known Cuban cookbook as a gift by her mother.  While she cooked from the book regularly, she always found it difficult and not very user friendly.  As the time approached for Ana to teach her own daughters the way around a Cuban kitchen, she attempted in vain to find another authentic Cuban cookbook; one that would appeal to a younger generation. Ana never found that book- so she decided to write it herself.

Her first cookbook “Cuban Chicks Can Cook” was written both as a tribute to her mother and as a legacy for her teenage daughters.  The book quickly sold out in many local bookstores and gained national recognition with fans who carve Cuban cuisine.   Ana was then encouraged by her publisher to write a second Cuban cookbook, “Sabor! A Passion for Cuban Cuisine.”

Working with IMUSA is her latest venture into the culinary world.

“Hispanic cooks will have as many as four calderos in varying sizes and prefer those made of cast aluminum. I wouldn’t think of making rice and beans in anything else.  And I also use my IMUSA Caldero to make everythportada_revistaing from soups, spaghetti and roasts, to fried recipes and for browning.  I like that it is made of cast aluminum so it gets seasoned the more I use it which enhances the flavor of everything I cook. ” says Rodriguez.

IMUSA is the leading brand of Hispanic housewares in North America. For retailers, IMUSA provides authentic quality products and a genuine understanding of the Hispanic marketplace.  For Hispanic consumers and those interested in making authentic Latin fare, IMUSA provides desirable, quality products at a variety of price points.   IMUSA cookware represents home, family and familiarity in a new town, a new land or simply for a new recipe.

Find Elsie and Ana’s recipes at
Authentic Latin cooking starts with IMUSA.   With 75 years experience as the Latin market favorite, IMUSA housewares products are authentic, marrying the traditional Latino values of great home cooking with modern culinary aspirations to make it the top brand of Hispanic housewares.