IMUSA found that it could achieve better results for its supermarket partners if it developed programs based on individual communities and regional needs across the country.  “There is no single Hispanic nationality, trend or plan that works for all.  The U.S. is a melting pot made up of consumers with different degrees of acculturation levels, and unique and different cultural characteristics.  Each culture cooks differently and uses different tools.  Even if the ingredients are the same, the subtle differences that separate them are as individual as the communities themselves,” Gaunaurd said.

In winning over this important shopper, IMUSA provides retail partners with extensive demographic research that the company conducts on a regular basis. Gaunaurd also credits his network of master distributors who are able to provide first-hand understanding of specific market conditions and make-up, allowing them to better address grocery retailers’ needs for information, innovation and a strong brand assortment. “With a 45% sales increase over last year, the approach is working well for IMUSA and for retail partners,” notes Mr. Gaunaurd.

Hispanics purchase kitchenwares at the grocery store.  In fact, according to Manny Gaunaurd, “More than 40% of IMUSA’s sales are in both general market and Hispanic grocery stores. Growth has been accelerated through market knowledge coupled with key cross merchandising strategies such as:

• Tortillas and Salsa with IMUSA Tortilla Warmers and Salsa Bowls
•  Masa, Corn Husks with Tamale Steamers
•  Green Plantains with Tostoneras
•  Lemons and Limes with Lemon and Lime Squeezers
•  Rice and Beans with Calderos
•  Coffee and Espresso with our Espresso Coffeemakers and Cup and Saucer Sets
•  Beans and Vegetables with IMUSA Pressure Cookers
•  Asian Cooking with  Woks
•  Cleaning and Household with Scrubbers and Sponges
•  Jhook Programs with IMUSA’s new lines of Premium and Gourmet Gadgets

According to IMUSA’s research, which the company conducts routinely to help strategize and plan distribution throughout the country, consumers prefer the IMUSA brand over other names.  Gaunaurd attributes this to some unique programs the company developed in response to economic circumstances and rising food costs.

“We’ve come up with some great deals,” Gaunaurd said. “We identified 20 products in our collection from which retailers can make a 50% margin and offer a ’10 for $10′ deal on their wall.  It’s very promotional; it creates excitement on the floor and gives consumers some real value.”

And, said Gaunaurd, the Latin consumer in general tends to expect a lot from what they purchase. “They want things of quality that will last.  You can’t cut corners because it will come back to haunt you,” he said.  The silver-lining is that Hispanic consumers expect to get a return on their investment and will be loyal to a brand and a retailer that has delivered for them in the past.”

Please visit to see the entire line of cookware, gadgets, accessories and serving items. IMUSA is available at Ralphs, Frys, Kroger, Winn Dixie, Food Lion,Food Depot, Shop Rite, Pete’s Supermarkets in Chicago, Sedano’s Supermarkets in Florida and Compare Supermarkets in North Carolina, among others.