To Our Valued Customers,Chef Ana Garcia, IMUSA products and Hispanic Food

Great news,

Very soon our Imusa products line will be the focus of a national media blitz.  As you already know,  Tadin Herb and Tea Co. is the leading West Coast Distributor for Imusa products, and as our loyal customers we want you to be prepared to take advantage of potential new sales and interest in Imusa.

In an effort to improve brand recognition, well-know Hispanic chefs will be appearing on several local newscast cooking traditional Latino recipes with the Imusa line of cookware.

Here in California, Chef Ana Garcia will appear alongside two Hall of Fame Football players on KTLA’s Morning Newscast at 9am on February 4th 2010.

Chef Ana will make similar appearances on ABC7’s “The View from the Bay” with Spencer Christian, the hosts, in a six minute segment, and on February 6, on KUSI’s “Good Morning San Diego”.