Red Paella Pan (Paellera)

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Let It Sizzle! 

The IMUSA Aluminum paella pan is perfect for creating exquisite rice, seafood, egg, and gratin dishes. Once seasoned, this pan acquires natural non-stick properties that won’t chip, scratch or peel off under usage of metal objects, such as knives, forks, or spatulas.

Product Details

Natural Finish
Size: 19.75″ x 15.25″
Made of Aluminum
Even Heat Distribution
Red Painted Bottom
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General Recommendations: After cooking do not leave the product on heat without food in it. Do not use the highest heat setting on your pan as it can warp the pan itself and cause the non-stick coating to reduce performance when cooking. It will also burn your food, so keep the temperature on low – medium heat.

In The Kitchen: Use nylon, plastic, or wooden utensils to avoid damaging the nonstick surface of the pan. Avoid utensils with sharp edges and do not cut food inside the pan. Never place the pan when it is hot on top of a surface without protection. Always use a silicone mat, wooden board, or trivet.

Cleaning: Hand wash pan with warm soapy water. Do not pour cold water into the pan when hot. After washing the pan, dry well before putting away. Do not clean with any abrasive sponge, this will scratch the surface.