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Get Cooking!

IMUSA Stock Pots are versatile and durable for large-batch cooking.   Use your stock pots to cook delicious soups, stews, stocks, beans, lentils, sauces, and pastas!

Product Details

Made of Aluminum
Red Silicone Handle and Knob
Glass Lid with Steam Vent

Before Using: Remove all labels. Wash the product and dry it completely.

General Recommendations: After cooking, do not leave the product on the heat without water or food in it. Set the heat or flame so that it is right for the bottom of the product. Do not overheat and do not set the flame so high so that it comes up the sidewalls. Do not store food in metal products to avoid staining and affecting the color of the inside. Do not expose aluminum products to abrupt temperature changes.


In the Kitchen: Always use a pot holder or glove to prevent burning yourself when you remove the product from the stove because metallic handles and rivets warm up when in contact with heat. Metal products should not be used in a microwave oven. Use medium or low heat. High heat is not necessary. Avoid utensils with sharp edges and do not cut food inside the product. These products can be used on electric and gas stoves.


Cleaning: Do not pour cold water into this product when hot. Avoid use of cleaning liquids that contain caustic soda. After washing the product, dry it well before putting away to avoid stains.