The Pan Asia line is another addition to IMUSA’s expanding collection of globally inspired cookware. The new range of Asian cookware and gadgets provide adventurous food enthusiasts with essential items to create delicious  Asian-inspired dishes.



You may have never heard of the one cooking vessel considered indispensable to every Latin household! That vessel is a caldero, viewed as the most treasured item in a Latin kitchen. Caldero, which literally means cauldron, is a durable cooking pot, similar to a Dutch oven, with a tight-fitting lid. It’s the ideal pot for everything from soup to stew to rice and beans. A really good caldero is worth its weight in gold—which is why so many families pass theirs down for generations.



We live in caffeinated times. It’s no wonder that espresso is the most common coffee beverage all over the world. While many simply enjoy the charge it can offer, for many, the drinking of espresso is a valued social custom with endless means for variety. In addition to lattes, Americanos, or a cappuccino, the Cubans have “cortaditos,” the Colombians love their “tinto” and of course there is the thick and unforgettable Turkish blend. Explore our line of coffee makers and our large assortment of trendy espresso cup sets!


Griddles & Sauté Pans

You can never have too many to get the job done. Griddles and sauté pans are staples in every kitchen due to their versatility! From pancakes and eggs to tortillas and quesadillas, these products will be your go-to tools at every meal!


Kitchen Appliances

IMUSA offers the widest assortment of Hispanic and everyday appliances to complement your kitchen, from everyday essentials like our espresso maker, to fun and unique tools like our arepa and empanada maker.


Kitchen Gadgets

A cook’s best bet is to rely on kitchen tools that simplify and enhance the cooking experience. Our assortment of gadgets ranges from hard-to-find authentic tools like a tostonera (plantain press) to everyday essentials like cheese graters and spatulas.


Pots & Steamers

Stock Pots and steamers are essential multi-use pots that have the extra capacity to prepare a host of classic recipes on the stove top. IMUSA stock pots and steamers offer a vast selection of colors, sizes, designs, and features.


Pressure Cooker

Speed up all your favorite dishes – pressure cookers cook 70% faster when compared to traditional stove top cooking and retain all the vitamins and minerals in your food for a nutritional boost –  perfect for your busy lifestyle! Once you start pressure cooking, you’ll never look back!