My mom was visiting me for a month and just recently returned to her home in El Paso, Texas. It was so hard to say goodbye. It was wonderful having her visit for so long. She was a huge help and although we were very busy, we had a blast developing recipes, making cooking videos, and just laughing in the kitchen together.

Now that she is back home, I continued at full speed testing and writing recipes for the upcoming holidays. My hubby took a day off from work to help me catch-up around the house – gathering outgrown clothes and toys to give to charity. If you are a parent you know what an exhausting chore this can be!

Panini pressAfter a morning of parent teacher conferences, de-cluttering, and cleaning the house, I decided to lie down and watch some TV. I never take naps, but one hour later I woke up in a panic because it was time to pick up the kiddos from school and I hadn’t even planned dinner yet. When I woke up my hubby was walking in the door with kids in tow. As I walked down the stairs I smelled a wonderful aroma.

While I was napping my hubby was in the kitchen making his mothers recipe for vegetable soup along with ham and cheese panini’s for dinner. It was such a wonderful feeling to know that everything was taken care of and that I had a night off from the kitchen. That comforting bowl of soup and those warm panini’s literally warmed my heart and my soul.

Sometimes a simple bowl of soup and eating at your dinner table with your family is a good reminder to slow down and just enjoy life, enjoy family, and appreciate all the little things.