George Duran


GD IMUSAFacebook bibiMacy’s “Encanto Latino” showcases lifestyle trends and activities at select Macy’s stores

NEW YORK – September 17, 2009 – This fall in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Macy’s will be filled with the vibrancy and influence of Latino culture as we celebrate “Encanto Latino.”  Macy’s in partnership with IMUSAâ will bring renowned chef, George Duran, of the Food Network show “Ham on the Street” along with Carolina Buia and Isabel González, authors of Latin Chic to select Macy’s stores across the country to share with customers their unique takes on Latin flavor from food to fashion.

“Macy’s understands and values the deep heritage and influence Latinos have contributed to our nation. Annually we honor these accomplishments with activities that showcase and celebrate the richness and excitement of Latino culture. Encanto Latino features Latino culinary traditions, style, decorations, music and much more at our stores,” said Martine Reardon, Macy’s Executive Vice President of Marketing.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, Macy’s will host a variety of culinary events at select stores across the nation including locations inHouston, San Antonio, Chicago, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Chef, George Duran, will demonstrate some of his most popular Latino dishes using IMUSA cookware, a renowned brand known for its superior quality.

Cooking Under Pressure by: George Duran

George Duran and his IMUSA Pressure Cooker

Developing recipes for the wide array of IMUSA kitchenware products these last couple of weeks has been a blast. Each new box that arrived at my door contained top-of-the-line cookware that inspired me to new creative heights in the kitchen. I was on a roll—and the culinary world was my Latin-influenced oyster!

Then, they sent me a pressure cooker.

A sickening silence filled the room. There, staring back at me in gleaming stainless steel, was a device I had sworn I would never use. Haunted by childhood memories of the hiss my mother’s pressure cooker (she swore by it) made each time I walked past, I lived in fear that it would one day explode, taking me and my family with it. This wasn’t the kind of “blast” I was interested in!