George Duran and his IMUSA Pressure Cooker

Developing recipes for the wide array of IMUSA kitchenware products these last couple of weeks has been a blast. Each new box that arrived at my door contained top-of-the-line cookware that inspired me to new creative heights in the kitchen. I was on a roll—and the culinary world was my Latin-influenced oyster!

Then, they sent me a pressure cooker.

A sickening silence filled the room. There, staring back at me in gleaming stainless steel, was a device I had sworn I would never use. Haunted by childhood memories of the hiss my mother’s pressure cooker (she swore by it) made each time I walked past, I lived in fear that it would one day explode, taking me and my family with it. This wasn’t the kind of “blast” I was interested in!