June, 2008 – Target Store’s promise of innovation and commitment to community is bolstered by the introduction of IMUSA housewares products in select stores nationwide.

The emergence of Hispanics as the largest minority group in the US, and its consequent culinary imprint is impacting what’s available in grocery and kitchen stores, and at large retailers like Target.   Salsa and hot sauce sales surpass ketchup. Tortillas enable the popular “wrap” sandwich. And avocados, mangos and cilantro can now be found in virtually every produce department.

The IMUSA collection at Target provides shoppers with an extensive array of housewares products for cooking Latin favorites, from arroz con pollo to tamales and everything in between.   From saucepans and calderos, to comals, griddles, grills and kitchen gadgets, IMUSA and Target offer US cooks a complete line of cookware, tools, and accessories for preparing authentic Hispanic cuisine at home.

Serving the specific needs of the community is a core value shared by both IMUSA and Target.  In creating its brand for the US market, IMUSA USA took a close look at the diverse, ever changing Hispanic market and how its needs were being met.

“It is essential to understand the subtle nuances of marketing to the diverse Hispanic audience. There is tremendous potential and to maximize retail real estate, it is essential to understand cultural differences,” states Manny Gaunaurd, president, IMUSA USA.  “Our hallmark is to work closely with retail partners, large and small, to develop specific programs based on individual Hispanic communities in regions across the country.”

As the preferred brand of Hispanic cookware and accessories in all the Americas*, Target and IMUSA are fulfilling the specific needs of the communities they serve, as well as cooks interested in expanding their culinary repertoire to include the bold and vibrant flavors of the many distinct Latino cultures.

The IMUSA collection for Target is available in select stores. Please visit to see the entire line of cookware, accessories and serving items.