Every since I was a kid, I remember going with entire family to a local Mexican restaurant called Margarita’s in my home town. Now, for me authentic Mexican food has turned out to be something far from what Margarita’s used to serve. It was your typical Tex-Mex affair. From the saucy enchiladas to the insanely cheesy nachos. As a kid, it’s all you wanted (and probably still want!). What excited me most though was the “deafening” sound of the sizzling fajitas quickly carried by the waitresses to each table. It left a trail of heavenly steak-smoke, as we used to call it, and everyone in the restaurant stopped eating for a for a split second to see where it would land. When we would order it we’d be giddy about this searing cast iron skillet taking place on our table, filling our breathing space with the steak-smoke as we salivated for the first bite. The onions and peppers perfectly browned and the warm tortillas piled in the tortilla warmer brought it all together in perfect harmony.

When I first learned that I too could replicate that experience in my own home with IMUSA’s fajita skillet, I got excited (and yes, it watered my mouth!). There is a place for authentic Mexican fare on my kitchen table (like my mean chicken mole or crispy shrimp tacos), but sizzling Mexican foods are just something I can’t resist! It’s your senses being bombarded all at once: the sound of the sizzle, the savory aroma of the skirt steak, the bountiful layers of meat with the onions and peppers and even the warmth of the radiating heat that the cast iron skillet retains for over 10 minutes!

My secret is to have all of the ingredients ready on the table so I can carry out the sizzling meat onto the wooden plank. I start by making a fresh batch of my infamous Mango Guacamole and set it aside in an IMUSA Molcajete next to a bowl of some extra spicy salsa.  I then warm the tortillas with tongs directly on the gas burner, making sure not to char too much. I place them inside my IMUSA tortilla warmer (a must-have, as it keeps your tortillas warm for over half an hour!). It’s skillet time! I slice some red peppers and onions and some skirt steak. Heat up the IMUSA fajita skillet and add a little bit of canola oil to it. Once it starts smoking I pile up the meats and veggies. The secret is to let it sear for about a minute or two before mixing it. In about 5-6 minutes you have a sizzling masterpiece that you can place on the included wooden plank and, just like the waitress at Margarita’s, parade it through the dining room and set it in front of the awed guests.

The fajita skillet is one of my favorite culinary cookwares that gets the children in my house…ok, the adults in my house totally excited about Mexican dinner!


 By: George Duran