tortilla-warmerFlour tortillas are so yummy, especially homemade! If you are trying to watch calories or are on a gluten free diet then you might to switch to corn tortillas, which I also love.

When I was a little girl I would run to my grandma’s house after school knowing that she would be rolling and cooking tortillas. She would give me a small ball of dough and I’d roll out my own tortilla. Mine was always shaped like an oval, never perfectly round like grandmas.

My grandma didn’t have a tortilla warmer – she would keep her warm tortillas under a clean limpiador (dish towel). I remember always sneaking a tortilla when she wasn’t watching. When I received this tortilla warmer I couldn’t help but smile and remember being mesmerized as my grandma would knead the dough, form perfect little balls, roll them out with her small wooden rolling pin, and then cook the tortillas on a comal. I’d sit and wait patiently and loved watching a tall pile of fresh tortillas accumulate. One of my favorite parts was when the tortilla would rise and she would press down on the trapped air inside it, creating a hissing sound. I can still see her doing this with a rolled up limpiador in her hand. I always looked forward to eating the first warm tortilla spread with butter or fresh salsa.