Chef Paola

I am Paola, a Puerto Rican born all-American girl of Cuban descent. I am a water-boiling, reheating, take-out and delivery single mom of two kids trying to be everything – a professional and a homemaker.

As a writer and performer, I've had many opportunities to learn new cultures and try new things, but recently I embarked on one of my toughest journeys – family cooking!

So I’m trying to forge my own identity in a culture that is often loud and always outspoken. That’s why I've chosen Imusa to guide me! Their products are a bold new take on a classic style and come with recipes that allow me to try things without having to turn to Mama or Tia for advice.

Through this journey I know I’ll have to face my fears about who I am and how that’s affected the way I see everything from food, cooking and relationships because what happens in the kitchen doesn't ever stay there.