Yvette Marquez

I am Yvette, a Tejana of Mexican decent. I despised cooking when I was a teenager! After my grandmother passed away I realized I wanted to pass along the recipes and traditions I grew up with to my children. My cooking inspiration came from my grandmother's old-world northern Mexican recipes and my mother's comforting south of the border home-style dishes. Now I am a cookbook author, food blogger, and food writer. I live in Colorado with my husband and two children.

When I started out cooking I was drawn to all the products by IMUSA. Being that they carry Hispanic cookware it was a match made in heaven. I continue to use many of their products in my everyday cooking. I develop recipes not only for my blog but also for websites such as Betty Crocker and Parade.com -- you can always find me en la cocina.

My mom (Vangie) and I will share with you our culinary journey using IMUSA cookware to make our dishes come to life. I’m hoping our cooking inspires you to pick up a tortilla press or a lime squeezer and virtually cook with us. Mi casa es su casa.

Don't forget to check out my blog at muybuenocookbook.com!