IMUSA 12 Piece Charcoal PTFE Nonstick Cookware Set with Bakelite Handle, Black

The IMUSA Nonstick 12 Piece Cookware Set with Hammered Charcoal Exterior will allow you to perform everyday cooking tasks with ease. Start the day with delicious omelets and oatmeal. Prepare grilled sandwiched and slow-cooked chili for lunch and finish the day with sauted fillets and perfectly cooked pasta. This IMUSA PTFE nonstick cookware set has everything you need to create diverse and delicious meals. The Heat Resistant Hammered Exterior Finish and the PTFE nonstick interior make it a complete set for any kitchen. Use the tools to create wonderful meals and at the same time protect the vessels from scratching. Whether you are sautingfoods, making pancakes and eggs or grilling sandwiches, these pots and pans provide multi-functional stovetop use and are the quintessential pieces for any kitchen. This set is ideal for any kitchen and allows you to prepare a variety of tasty meals by including just abut every vessel you need.

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PTFE Nonstick Surface. This product contains PTFE for non-stick properties; PTFE is listed in the CECBP – Priority Chemicals. For more visit


Aluminum Construction


Bakelite Handle


Tempered Glass Lid with Steam Valve