Caribbean Recipes

What makes Caribbean food so unique? Like so many Latin American cuisines, it is a mix of many different cultures. Caribbean cuisine takes its influences from Native American, African, Indian, Chinese and European communities. It is the fusion of many food influences full of vibrant colors, flavors, seasonings, and cooking methods!
"Today's Caribbean food has embraced the best of Island flavors and world cuisine. Why do you think Caribbean people are the happiest people on Earth?" Chef George Duran

Mexican Recipes

Mexican cuisine is astonishingly varied and rich, as complex and appetizingly presented as any cuisine in the world. We invite you to discover the delicious recipes from a country full of flavor! Ole!
"The beauty of Mexican cuisine is its vast array of ingredients and dishes throughout the country. You can taste amazingly different flavors from one region to anotherand you're still in Mexico!" - Chef George Duran

Latin Fusion Recipes

We invite you to infuse your senses & taste buds with an extraordinary culinary experience based on the fusion of different cuisines and flavors from around the world.
"There is nothing more exciting in the culinary world than the integration of Latin flavors with international cuisine! Latin-inspired cuisine makes everything taste better! It's a fact!" - Chef George Duran

Pan-Asian Recipes

Our Pan-Asian recipes are influenced by the vast cultures and traditions of Asian cuisine and cooking. As the modern Asian American population continues to evolve, there is a fascinating transformation of Asian cuisine as it blends traditional and contemporary aspects into a uniquely Pan-Asian creation. This cuisine not only uses unique cooking tools, but also uses unique flavor combinations, textures, and seasonings.
"Everybody loves Asian food, so just imagine what you get when you mix this cuisine with any other in the world!" Chef George Duran

More Favorite Recipes

This collection of recipes is from a wide-range of cultures and backgrounds. Explore these recipes to get inspired!
" What if you take the best American cuisine and fuse it with the tastiest Latin ingredients? You get recipes that that you can never go wrong with!" Chef George Duran